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Bio Bay is the most famous bioluminescent lagoon of America and this one is in Las Croabas, Fajardo, minutes from El Conquistador Hotel. This aquatic sport, kayaking, do not require physical training conditions and will be a unique and funny experience.
To appreciate the wonders of the ocean sea: fishes, snails and the marine vegetation; snorkle in our Echo Adventure is wonderful and safe.
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Bio-Bay Night Adventure

Stardust lights up Puerto Rico's Laguna Grande--a brand new travel experience
Aziza Jamgerchinova, CNS

Kayaks in the center of Laguna Grande in Puerto Rico float on the still, dark water in the late evening. A million stars seem to be shining from beneath the lagoon’s glassy surface.
“Once you enter the lagoon the water suddenly starts glowing,” said Lars Sukowski, a pharmaceuticals manager who came to Laguna Grande from Basel, Switzerland. “It is something special.” Each time a paddle scrapes the surface of Laguna Grande, millions of tiny white-blue flashes dash in all directions. The water looks as if it has been sprinkled with stardust.
But those are not reflections of celestial beauties. The nighttime glow in Laguna Grande is caused by billions of microscopic plankton-like organisms called dinoflagellates. The organisms burst into light when they feel pressure against their cell walls, in a process called bioluminescence.
Laguna Grande, on the northeastern tip of Puerto Rico, is one of three bioluminescent lagoons on the island. Laguna Grande “is among the top six in the world with the most intense glow,” said Narciso A. Moreno, a regional director of Puerto Rico Tourism Co.

Description: The semicircle dock, where every evening the kayaking tour operators assemble, stretches out into the Las Croabas bay. (Aziza Jamgerchinova/CNS)

“It’s awesome,” said Roberto Gonzalez, an avid traveler from Brooklyn, N.Y., who often goes to Puerto Rico with his mother. “When I was in Japan I went to a bioluminescent bay there, but the glow was yellow, and here it’s blue.”
“I thought there would be some glowing worms or fish on the bottom of the lagoon,” Sukowski said. “I never thought the water itself would glow.”
“What I remember most,” said Batlle, who lives in Tempe, Ariz., “is the outline of the mangroves against the sky, and the dark water.”
A little over two hours earlier the kayakers had left the noise and lights of San Juan, the island’s capital, 29 miles west of the lagoon. A hired car drove them to a 500-foot-long semicircle dock that stretches out into the bay at Las Croabas. That’s where, every evening, the kayaking tour operators assemble.
They park their trailers, loaded with kayaks, and set up folding tables. As tourists walk on the sidewalk that runs along the dock, the tour operators step forward and after flashing a friendly smile announce that their kayaking group leaves in just five minutes.

Tour operator, Nestor Martinez, of Island Kayaking Adventure helps Roberto Gonzalez, an avid traveller from Brooklyn, N.Y., to get into a kayak before the tour departs to Laguna Grande. (Aziza Jamgerchinova/CNS)

“When we have a lot of people we go out two times,” said Nestor Martinez, a tour guide whose family operates one of the six kayaking companies at the lagoon. The kayaking skills of tourists are often minimal or nonexistent, so Martinez begins with a short paddling lesson. The lagoon is reached by a 30-minute paddle through a narrow and dark inlet, known to locals as El Chorro. For novices, an hour of paddling is a good test of endurance. “I am aching from rowing,” Batlle said. “My shoulders hurt.” But for Sukowski, who has been kayaking since he was 14, the trip was a breeze. “I thought it would be more of a workout,” he said.
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